The Cats took on the Colorado Buffalo’s at Folsom Field today.

This is the last time K-State will play CU in football as part of the Big 12 conference. CU is joining the PAC-10 next year. Thank goodness.

I can’t stand CU and I really cannot tolerate Boulder. The city makes my skin crawl. All the dirty hippies roaming around with their bug infested dreadlocks… just grosses me out. I only go to Boulder three times a year. Once to watch K-State play football, the second to watch K-State men’s basketball, and the third to tube down Boulder Creek. Otherwise, I stay away.

With CU out of the Big XII, I only have to make a trip up to hippie ville once a year.  Think we can manage.

The game was at noon so we gathered the Denver troops early and got some great tailgating in before the game started.

Of course, no tailgate is complete without a game of bean bags, burgers and beers.
We headed into the stadium and the Cat’s actually played pretty well in the first quarter.
But then, things just started to fall apart. Between turnovers and bad defense, the game just started to slip away. Which completely sucks because there were hardly any Buff fan’s at the game.
We were all really bummed about the loss.
Oh well. Next up, men’s basketball. I feel pretty good about sending CU off to the PAC-10 with a win at Coors Event Center.