Trashed-Up Steak Burger with Chicken Fried Bacon & Dijon Gravy

Surprise!!! Happy Virtual Baby Shower, Jessica!! Dive into indulgence with our Trashed-Up Steak Burger, featuring chicken-fried bacon and Dijon gravy. A symphony of bold flavors awaits, promising a unique culinary experience that transcends the ordinary.

Today, we are celebrating a woman that needs no introduction. Jessica of How Sweet Eats is having a baby in t-minus a month and released the wildly popular, Seriously Delish cookbook back in October! If you haven’t heard of her, I’m sending over The NPH to your house in 3….2…1….for a little slapping around.

I haven’t met Jessica in person, but if I did, I probably would tackle hug her and then dive into discussing our obsession with Homeland & Sons of Anarchy.  Jessica is someone that I admire not only because her recipes are completely epic. Hello Smoked Gruyere Butternut Soup, Cider Bourbon Jam Cocktails, and Homemade Graham Crackers. But her work ethic and sheer drive constantly remind me to keep my wheels churning. And to always add sprinkles.

So, what better to celebrate Jessica and her over the top, trashed-up food then having a baby shower in a diner! I thought it would be better then a bar, “You have a baby, in a bar.” Name that movie!

The burger I am sharing with you today is a twist on the all time favorite American diner dish, chicken fried steak. You know the famous pounded out steak that’s fried like fried chicken and comes with all the fixin’s. Growing up in Kansas, they feed it to you once a day. Just kidding. Maybe.

Instead of frying the burger, I thought, why not fry the bacon? Thus, chicken fried bacon. I topped the burger with provolone, mashed potatoes, corn, and smothered it with Dijon gravy.  It’s trashed-up diner comfort food to the chicken max, yo.

Make sure and check out the rest of the diner crew! Happy Baby Shower!

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trashed up pizza

In conclusion, the Trashed-Up Steak Burger promises a bold flavor journey. Elevate your culinary experience with this savory delight, savoring each bite of perfection and culinary innovation.