sloppy mushroom joes with rosemary honey goat cheese

“Embark on a culinary adventure with our Sloppy Mushroom Joes featuring the exquisite touch of Rosemary Honey. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of savory and sweet for a taste sensation.”

“I know how you kids like them extra sloppy”, says the lunch lady, wearing a faded turquoise uniform and sporting a hairnet.

Raise your hand if you can guess where that famous line originates from.  If you guessed Billy Madison, you get 51 gold stars and a few extra joes today.

I don’t know what it is, but lately, I have been making sloppy joes at least once a week. Is that random? It feels random. Or it could be between trying to think of recipes for the blog and the thought of eating one more chicken breast for dinner, that I just slid over to sloppy joe land.   A simple land, with a bit of nostalgia.

So, given that it is Monday and I haven’t delivered a sans meat dish to the #MeatlessMonday Gods in ages, I thought I would recreate this extra sloppy mushroom joe for you.

This joe is inspired by my travels to Deer Valley back in February. We ate at the East Liberty Tap House and their menu sported an assortment of sloppy joes. I actually tried the mushroom joe, so I know how the version tastes.

As a meat lover, I can honestly say this joe is SUPER satisfying. Topped with a little rosemary honey goat cheese…’s cafeteria, lunch lady approved.

Send me a hairnet.

“In conclusion, our Sloppy Mushroom Joes with Rosemary Honey redefine comfort with a delectable blend. Every bite is a journey through savory and sweet perfection. Indulge in the culinary harmony!”