I had a thought this morning.

Shocking, I know.

My thought was about a particular product that we use everyday.

According to the Dentistry world, it’s rather important.


As I was brushing my teeth this morning, I realized that I have been buying two different kinds of toothpaste for the past four years. One for Mr. B, and one for me. I am not quite sure why I didn’t come to this realization sooner. You’d think after all those trips to Target searching for two kinds of toothpaste it would have caused the light bulb to go off in my head, but no.

Now that I think about it, I am pretty sure I will continue on the two toothpaste path. In my opinion choosing a toothpaste is much like buying underwear. There are a zillion options, flavors, and even sizes!

So who I am to say that Mr. B can’t have his traditional Crest, while I enjoy my Aquafresh Extreme Clean.

That’s like me telling Mr. B he should really wear a leopard thong.

Not gonna’ happen.

The only thing I can tell you is why I love Aquafresh because I know you’re dying to know:

1) Taste: Their mint flavor is off the charts!
2) Tingle: Oh yes, tingle. I can’t stand a toothpaste that doesn’t feel like it’s workin’.
3) Packaging: Let’s face it, I like pretty packages that say “extreme”.

Do you use the same brand of toothpaste as your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other? Please tell me aren’t the only toothpaste crazies!

Alright, moving on.

Since my work outfit on Monday was inspired by the Halloween spirit, a fellow favorite blogger  kindly pointed out that my color choice of said outfit was that of the Oklahoma State school colors. Talk about a Halloween nightmare! In case you didn’t know, my beloved Kitties are taking on the Pokes in Stillwater on Saturday in a friendly little game of football.

Anyways, being the bonehead that I am sometimes, I realized that it was not okay to be prancing around in our opponents color, especially if we are playing them that same week. I mean really, where are my manners?

So to make up for being a complete airhead, I decided to bust out the purple pride in a BIG way.

Gameday office wear…
Purple sweater: Forever 21
Black top: Gap
Black pants: Express
Purple Scarf: Banana Republic
Pumps: Good ol’ Steve
Willie the Wildcat: “Take it away LG!”

Go State!
I hope that made you laugh. I was trying not to die of laughter or get caught doing that in the bathroom. I’m such a nerd.
Other than boot camp tonight, followed by making dinner, and catching up on some Fall T.V. shows, I can officially declare it’s the weekend!
Have a great night!
Thankful Challenge: Day 3
Today I am thankful for my mother because she always makes me smile…
LOVE the Thankfulness challenge, Lauren. Being thankful is one of the best gifts the world has to offer.

I always start my morning meditations with a Native American prayer that kind of goes through the natural world, like “Thank you for the Sun that gives us light and life, for the Moon, for her beauty and inspiration and seasons, and thank you for the Sky that we might dream and the Winds that blow things clean.” On so on and so on. By the time I finish that prayer, I am in a totally different mind set (at least for a while). : )

So. . .excellent post!

PS. Did you know that for years, when I do laundry, I say “Thank you Lord for a washing machine that works.” True.

Love you, Moomers