The Curious Plate

Stay Curious

The Stay Curious movement was founded by Lauren Grier, cookbook author and owner of The Curious Plate, as a way to expand her mission of empowering individuals to be curious.

After countless trials and tribulations in the kitchen, travels across the world experiencing the best flavors and ingredients, a cookbook, a kid, an English bulldog, and a marriage of almost 15 years, Lauren has used her curiosity to grow as a person. Important lessons she has learned:

  • You can teach yourself anything
  • Taking risks, is always valuable
  • Boldly following your sense of wonder will pay dividends
  • There is no other thrill like creating something from nothing

The Stay Curious movement is a reflection of my lessons learned. This collection of posts is meant to FEED YOUR CURIOSITY and inspire you daily to be bold, empowering, and a lot curious.

Here you’ll find inspiration that feeds the entrepreneurial spirit, empowers the curious mind, and lead you to a better filled life by simply asking, “why?”

Join the Stay Curious movement and community. Show others how you are embracing your curiosity.