Can we chat? 

I’ve been meaning to tell y’all something. 

This year I’ve been wanting to expand CGM to something more than just recipes. I have a deep passion for self-growth whether it’s through business, relationships, and what I feel is most important, mental health. 

Mental health can be a large topic to cover. It can mean different things to different people. Whether you are seeing a therapist to help you through a certain issue, doing self-care like a mani-pedi to clear your head, or witnessing an act of kindness and then returning the gesture. All of these things impact your mental health. 

With that said, I want to take mental health down to the simplest form. Since Charlie was born every morning I post a picture on Instagram Stories of her laughing or smiling with a caption that says, “Morning!” For me, I love starting my day with her infectious smile. It reminds me to be positive and put my best foot forward. 

I truly believe if you start your day with good intentions and a glass half full mindset, you are already one step ahead. Having a healthy mindset gives you the necessary mental armor to let go of things that are toxic, leaves room for inspiration, and brings back positive energy. 

Don’t get me wrong mental health is something that we all constantly have to work on every day. But what if we took something so small as a smile and multiplied it? If Charlie’s smile can fill someone’s mental health tank first thing in the morning, what are else could we do to increase the positivity in this community? 

The answer:  #ShowMeYourMorning

The idea behind this campaign is to capture something that fills your mental health tank with positivity in the morning. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, loved one, pet, or funny meme. I want you to take a picture or video of it and send it to me with the hashtag #ShowMeYourMorning. From there I will share it with folks inside the CGM community. 

The point of these captures is to share that mental health looks different for every person. Someone could be inspired by looking at their favorite tree in the morning. Another person could find joy in listening to their loved one sing in the shower. Whatever brings you happiness in the morning I WANT TO SEE IT! 

So, will you join me? My plan is to gather pictures/videos whether sent through DM’s on Instagram or Facebook, and emails. I’ll share a collection of these captures with everyone so they can feel positive vibes! Sound good? 

I am super stoked to finally be sharing this with y’all. I really do think we can help each other every morning to lead better lives and fuel the world with a positive influence.