20 Day Curiosity Challenge: 2.0 is a self-guided challenge that helps explore, inspire, and rediscover your curiosity through daily actionable prompts!

20 Day Curiosity Challenge

Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own. 

Curiosity boosts happiness, increases knowledge, brings mindful awareness, and provides inspiration. 

As we age, however, we lose some of that curiosity elasticity. We get stuck in our daily routine, scroll Instagram for hours, and walk to the same pub for a pint every Thursday night. 

We are creatures of habit, but what if I told you that there’s a way to make your day-to-day life not feel monotonous? Or feel as if you have to go through the motions of life? What if I told you that you can create mystery, the biggest driver of curiosity, through simple tasks? 

How? The answer: 20 Day Curiosity Challenge.


This 20 Day Curiosity Challenge is designed to help increase your curiosity. Curiosity is like a muscle. If you don’t keep it in shape the less likely you are to use it. The benefits of keeping this muscle in shape are invaluable.


  • Curiosity can expand your horizon for learning. Self knowledge is power. As a species we were designed to think complexly and self-preserve. In order to continue to evolve progress, come up with ideas, we have to be curious. The only way we become more curious is by asking questions
  • Curiosity can expand our empathy. When we are curious about others outside our social circle we immediately become better able to understand those lives and world views that are different from our own. Thus, leading us to be more empathetic.
  • Curiosity can lead to more happiness. Curiosity channels more positive emotions, lower levels of anxiety, and provides an overall feeling of satisfaction in life. This leads to stronger relationships with loved ones and with your own self. 


My goal behind this challenge is to reconnect you with your curious self. I wanted to create simple tasks that will spark your curiosity whether through journaling, visiting a new restaurant, or learning about a new topic. 

As we embark on a new year, journey, or life adventure, I believe in taking small steps that add up to big changes. I apply the same principle to my personal and professional life. If I can do two workouts a week that will help me feel better mentally and physically you bet I will show up. Will I lose 5 lbs in a day? Mostly like not.

However, I’d much rather complete the workout knowing that afterwards it will allow me to a better mom, wife, and friend by taking care of myself. This leads to stronger relationships, more creativity, and the desire to personally grow. 


In this challenge you will find 20 days – Monday through Friday with a weekly theme that includes daily prompts to help increase your curiosity. Whether it’s journaling about a childhood happy memory, watching a documentary, or cooking a new meal, each task is geared towards getting you out of your day-to-day routine and having you look at the world around you. 

Don’t forget you can download a FREE CURIOSITY CHALLENGE CALENDAR HERE that you can check-off daily.

You’ll start with……


  • Jan 2nd: When you were a child, what was your favorite activity? Was it playing outside with friends? Building forts? Playing Candy Land? 
  • Jan 3rd: Tasty Tuesday: Go to a convenient store and purchase your childhood favorite snack. Why is it your favorite? Does it still taste the same? 
  • Jan 4th: Write down your AOL messenger screen name. What’s the first memory that jumps into your mind? Did your screen name make you laugh, cry, or feel embarrassed? 
  • Jan 5th: Field Trip: visit an establishment where you would have gone on a field trip while in school. Could be a library, fire station, nursing home, animal shelter, capital building, etc. Does it look different? How does it make you feel as an adult? 
  • Jan 6th: If you had to create a playlist from your childhood on Spotify, what 3 songs would be on that playlist? 


  • Jan 9th: Write down in your journal ONE thing you are grateful for RIGHT NOW. Is it something tangible like a current book you are reading or a home cooked meal? Friendship? Health? Getting 5 seconds alone with yourself? 
  • Jan 10th: Tasty Tuesday: cook a meal using a utensil or appliance in your kitchen you haven’t used in the past 6 months. I’m looking at you, Air Fryer.
  • Jan 11th: Name a scent that you are thankful for. How does it make you feel? What memories does it remind you of? 
  • Jan 12th: Field Trip: Visit a record store. Yes, a record store! What does it look like? What type of music did you gravitate towards first? 
  • Jan 13th: Dance it Out. Play your favorite dance song on max level and dance like no one is watching


  • Jan 16th: Take a picture of one thing, place, or person that makes you feel happy. Why does the picture make you happy?
  • Jan 17th: Tasty Tuesday: List the three best things you ate last week. Why is it the best? What did it remind you of? 
  • Jan 18th: Do a random act of kindness. Greet everyone you run into today with a hello or howdy. Pay for a stranger’s cup of coffee. Leave a note of encouragement in a public place. 
  • Jan 19th: Field Trip: Take a friend to a new-to-you coffee shop, restaurant, or happy hour spot. Tell them 3 reasons why you appreciate their friendship.
  • Jan 20th: Write in your journal three ways you could help someone who is less fortunate. Maybe you put $5 in your pocket and give it to the first homeless person you encounter.


  • Jan 23rd: Write in your journal a destination you want to visit in 2023. Why did you choose this location? What makes you excited about visiting this destination? 
  • Jan 24th: Tasty Tuesday: bring a meal to a place that is in need: homeless shelter, hospice, orphanage, or someone that could use a home cooked meal. 
  • Jan 25th: Name something in NATURE you are thankful for.
  • Jan 26th: Field Trip: Visit an historical landmark. Why did you pick this particular landmark? What did you learn and how did it make you feel? Did the historical significance surprise you?
  • Jan 27th: Name a strength of yours that makes you happy while you using it when you are out in the world

This challenge is meant to be fun and inspiring! Being curious doesn’t have to be intimidating. Just remember we were designed to be curious…it’s in our nature to explore, create, and be silly! 


SIMPLE! All you need to do is: 

2023 Curiosity Challenge

2. Have a notebook, journal, or piece of paper handy to write down various daily prompts. 

3. Just start! You can begin your challenge on day one or jump in on day 17. It’s up to you! Again, this is meant to be fun and a way to attract some new energy. 

So, what do you say? Ready to take on the new year and embrace your curiosity? 

Hope you enjoy this challenge! And remember, curiosity is the most powerful thing you own! 

Happy 2023!