Greetings from Kansas City!

We made it.
The past couple of days seemed to both hop by at a rabbit pace and then crawl by at a turtle pace.  Does that ever happen to you? One minute I am wishing and praying for a single spare minute to appear just so I can complete one more task. The next, I’m looking at pictures of Josie and thinking we will never make it home.
Thankfully, today was a rabbit pace kind of day. Even though I didn’t sleep very well last night, I managed to find myself in a good mood. I attribute my good spirits to the anticipation of seeing old friends (my friend Kara from high school is getting married). Gathering with my sorority sisters for a quick brunch where we will recite the entire movie of Mean Girls.

 You think I’m joking.

 And meeting my new little niece, all while spending quality time with my immediate family.

Oh, before I forget! Speaking of my sorority sisters, Kaitlin’s wedding invitations arrived in the mail today. Check it out!

Kaitlin is quite the artist. For further clarification on her Van Gogh skills read this post.  Mr. B and I both giggled with joy because Kaitlin is an amazing person, and her sense of humor and attitude on life is infectious. We can’t wait for the wedding in June!
I left work around noon to finish packing and grab some lunch before we headed to the airport.  Other than dealing with the faux TSA, our flight and everything went smoothly.
We hydrated.
I also gave a dissertation to Mr. B on how to use Instagram correctly. Droid users are funny. Just join the Apple matrix , it’s far more fetch.
My parents picked us up from the airport and we headed straight to Chipotle to pick up dinner for everyone, including the new parents.  Two burrito bowls, an order of crispy tacos, two fajita burritos, and chips with guacamole, and this mission “of feed tired parents” was in full effect.

I was so excited to see John and Sarah. When I lived in Kansas City after I graduated from college, I spent a ton of time with them. I miss them terribly. Once we arrived at their house, I immediately went to hold Josie.
She is the coolest baby. Not only does she smell like heaven, she has a cute smile and cheeks. I am so thankful I get to be her Aunt.

This weekend is off to a great start! Tomorrow = more baby!