Dinner conversation last night:

Mr. B: “Get this.”

Me: “What?”

Mr. B: “Apparently people are posting reviews about Mount Everest on Google Maps.”

Me: “Seriously?”

Mr.B: “This is hysterical!” “Someone posted, Lame. No valet service and the Sherpas barely spoke English.”

Me:  Half chuckling.“Wait a minute. Your telling me that people are actually writing real reviews on Mount Everest.” “Why would they do that?”

Mr. B: “No babe.” “People aren’t actually writing real reviews.” “Did you honestly think people go to Mount Everest and after their trip comment about how there should be a gondola installed to access the summit?”

Me: “I’m just saying, I wouldn’t put it past people.”

Mr. B: “Like you?”

Me: “Heeyyyyy.”

Sometimes I can be really dense.

Anyways, if you want something to Google while you’re at work or school today check out this link. People have actually posted reviews on Mount Everest.

Here are a couple of my favorite reviews:

(Warning: you may pee your pants from laughter.)

 –  When I arrived to check in the Sherpa at the front desk was very rude. No-one helped me take my bags to the summit and to make matters worse the lift was out of order. The tent was cold and I couldn’t get the heating to work. When I rang reception about this they quite abruptly told me that they wouldn’t be able to get a repairman up to me until first light…..NOT IDEAL!!!

–  Mount Everest. Great place to hang out, if you want to get high.

–  On the way up to the mountain my family and I were stopped for 45 minutes due to the fact that the mountain troll would not let us pass because my nanna was not wearing purple. Eventually he let us pass after nanna flashed him.

–  No gift shop. I took the kids on a trip to the top of Mt. E and was disappointed at the lack of family services. No gift shop, no hand rails, and they didn’t even have a bathroom. Go to Disneyland instead.

–  Try the snow cones.

–  Way to high for my liking. Couldn’t find a lemonade stand or secret lift mentioned here, and the snow wrecked my designer jacket.

Happy Hump Day!