Mr. B and I slept forever last night!

Yesterday’s beach day at A-Basin left us exhausted. From the sun to the costumes to skiing, it was a pretty big day.

Let me give you a quick little recap…

There is still a ton of snow in the mountains. Check out this photo I snapped as we were traveling along highway 6. Does this not make you feel a little nervous? Geesh.

The reason we were headed to A-Basin for the day was to attend another GPA event. This was a more low key event compared to the Ski Bus and Clay Shoot but never less still fun.
A-Basin, which remains open until after Memorial weekend because it’s above tree line provides a perfect spot for spring skiing. You can rent out parking spots that pull right up to ski lift.
While at the beach you barbecue, ski, hang out and play games. It’s one of my favorite things to do in Colorado.
Since there is so much snow left, we actually got to ski for a good portion of the day! Of course, we had to dress up. Check out our attire for the day…
It’s a Mario and a Luigi!
We were a huge hit. Even little kids were coming up to us and saying they loved playing Super Mario! It was cute.
After the event we came home and crashed. So this morning when I awoke I was starving. I had a great idea for a quick brunch that I thought I would share.
Breakfast Quesadilla
serves 6
– 1 small red pepper, 1 small green pepper, and 1/2 red onion finely diced
– 1 can of hatch chilies
– 6 six eggs
– 2 tortilla’s for 1 person + cheese
Saute veggies in skillet on medium high. Add the hatch chillies to heat through. Add eggs plus salt and pepper to veggie mix. Scramble the eggs.
On a baking sheet, place two tortillas and top them with cheese. Put tortillas under a broil until brown. Once done, put bottom tortilla on plate and top with scramble egg mixture. Then place the other tortilla on top. Cut into wedges and put whatever toppings your heart desires on top.
Not quite sure what today has planned but I am sure it involves trying to be productive.
See ya later!