25 amazing gifts for the traveler! WiFi adapters, backpacks, travel containers and the perfect suitcase. You’ll find something in this list for anyone that loves to travel!

We made it!

Today is the final CGM Holiday Gift Guide for 2019. I hope these have been super helpful because I had so much fun putting them together. In case you didn’t see, I have four other guides as well:

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Now, I’ve saved the best for last because travel gear is nearest and dearest to my heart. I am so excited to take the babe with us on a few travel adventures next year so I really wanted to give you guys a list that is tried and true. I love all of these products and every single item will make a great/useful gift.

With that, let’s get ready for take-off!

1.) I love having the 2020 Rifle World Travel Calendar on my desk! Keeps me inspired on where to plan my next adventure.

2.) The only hoodie a traveler needs.

3.) In case you get confused about what adapter goes with what country now you don’t have to worry. These Color Coded Adapters make it easy to select which country to use based on the color guide. Life saver!

4.) The best backpack EVER. Like not even kidding. I use my Fjallraven Mini Backpack for every day and travel use. It’s light weight, holds a ton of stuff, and easy to pack!

5.) Take a little bit of home with you with these Homesick Scented Candles.

6.) This may seem like an odd travel gift, but I assure a headlamp comes in very handy. I’ve used mine more than I thought while traveling!

7.) If you need a toiletry bag that will hold up against wear and tear you definitely need this Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set.

8.) If you are looking to save space while traveling these containers will do the trick. I fill these containers with lotion, face wash and toothpaste!

9.) The Tile Pro is life savor when you can’t find your keys or any other important object. Just ping it from your phone and BOOM! Keys are no longer missing.

10.) Need a conversation starter? Place this Best In Travel 2020 on your coffee table and let the chit-chat begin.

11.) Travel Diffuser Aromatherapy Kit: Because smelling airplane farts all day is exhausting.

12.) Hands down the best carry on suitcase. I’ve put the Briggs and Riley International Carry On Suitcase through some questionable moments and it still reigns supreme. Plus, I love that it has a garment holder section.

13.) Got AirPod’s? Then you need a chic carrying case so they don’t get lost! Bonus: the case charges them as well!

14.) The price and versatility of this Smart Phone Lens Kit is on point. Makes taking a variety of photos a breeze!

15.) Batiste Dry Shampoo: Never leave home without it.

16.) There’s nothing worse than wrinkled clothing. This Handheld Portable Steamer is super convenient and will knock wrinkles right out!

17.) Safety is always a priority when you travel. This Security Door Stop will help minimize the booby traps you have to set in your hotel room.

18.) Silk Pillow and Mask Travel Set: every moment of sleep while you travel should feel luxurious.

19.) Having zero Wifi while traveling is the worst. This Wifi Extender will not only extend the range of your existing Wifi, but also searches for better Wifi spots. Genius.

20.) Got a black suitcase? Quickly identify your bag with one of these Neoprene Handle Wraps!

21.) On the Fly Travel Skin Treatment: Because you always need to look your best while jet-setting.

22.) Graduate from Ziploc bags and use these Clear TSA Approved Travel Toiletry Bags instead!

23.) Move over bulky wallets. This Slim Minimalist Wallet will make getting to your Benjamin’s a breeze.

24.) Another reason to soak in the sun: Solar Battery Charger.

25.) Easily pack all your cords into this Travel Cord Roll!

**This post is not sponsored. I have purchased a few of these items myself! Also, a few of these links are affiliate! Thanks for supporting CGM!***