I can’t believe Christmas Day is here. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I always feel like a little kid on Christmas morning.
Mr. B’s family has many traditions, one being Christmas breakfast; egg casserole and fresh cinnamon rolls. Yummo.
Once we are finished with breakfast it was off to the main event…present extravaganza!
Santa did manage to leave something for the adults but he was very sneaky. We were given clues as to where our presents might be but we had to search every nook and cranny in the house.
I swear it took me ten minutes to find my gift….I am really bad with directions:(
The Christmas giving kept going with some interesting presents…
After a quick nap, some blogging, and an ornament exchange between Mr. B and I, we sat down to Christmas dinner.

What a day.
I am very blessed to have such a loving family to share such a special day.
Good night and Merry Christmas!