When the weather is 70 and sunny in Denver….there is nothing better then heading to the mountains for a beach party at A-basin!

Normally, Mr. B and I wear our ski pants and jackets when we head to the mountains to ski because it’s usually freezing, but today that was not going to happen. Instead, we just put on our long underwear, slipped on running shorts to go over, and decided to finish getting dressed at the base. It was going to be toasty!

Side note: When you are at the gas station buying drinks and wearing this kind of out fit….people mean mug. Seriously.

We arrived at A-Basin and there was not a cloud in the sky. Perfect day for drinking some cold old style beers, relaxing in the sun, and hanging with your friends in 80’s ski outfits!
Since A-Basin is one of the few ski areas open right now, the lift lines were crazy long! We waited for about twenty minutes and ended up only doing one run. But, it was nice to get back in the saddle so to speak….I’ve missed skiing.
After our run, we headed back to our tailgate spot for a little shot ski action, grilling, and dance party!
Now, who wants to come up and play?!!!!