Every year our good friends Nick and Tom, who live in Vail, throw a New Years Eve bash. The party is always themed. Some past themes have been begins and end with (like Wheel of Fortune – come dressed as George Michael Phelps) or last year’s was party like its your birthday (dress as a celebrity born on your birthday). I made a great Sally Jesse Raphael.

This years theme was ABC. Anything But Clothes. Since December was crazy our costumes were a complete afterthought. So, we went with our wet-suits. Which I thought would be good idea since the temp outside was -10 but we didn’t account for a burning firing and lots of people. We were sweaty.

There were a lot of great outfits. Tom was the Statue of Liberty, Nick looked like a Christmas tree, and Ryan…well, I am not quite sure what he was, but he really should do a Pringles commercial.

Our good friend Rachael ended up wining best costume. She actually sewed a dress out of bubble wrap. Brilliant.

After a couple of jack and gingers and a kiss at midnight, I was ready to call it a night. We had some skiing to do tomorrow.


The next day we were all moving a little slow so we didn’t get to Beaver Creek until almost noon. Oh yeah, did I mention that the high for the day was 5 degrees (-15C). It was brutal. We only did a couple of runs because at the top of the mountain it was -10F (-23.3).

We called it quits around 3pm and headed to Patty’s bar and grill in Avon for some recovery beer and food. Nothing like a delicious burger to warm you back up.

I called it an early night again. I am just old and can’t party like a I used too, or it could be that this stupid chest cold won’t go away!! Arg.

Mr. B and I are officially partied out. Definitely looking forward to a normal week.

Hope you all had a great New Year!