Boy am I glad today is Thursday.
This week just needs to end. Like now.
So far this week, I have…
– escaped death on my 11 mile run.
– received a parking ticket.
– wiped my eye after I cut up a jalapeno. Ouch.
– come to the realization that I can’t do a single push up. So embarrassing.
– given Mr.B’s fancy Japanese tourist camera a boo-boo.
Will the madness ever end?!
Okay, I am over with being dramatic. Let’s talk about something fun. Let’s talk about the weekend for a second. 
Mr.B’s best man Chris is coming into town with his wife Liz and their two daughters.
Chris’s sister is getting married on Monday in Estes Park. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the town of Estes, I am sure that you remember the movie The Shining starring Jack Nicholson. “Here’s….Johnny!”
In the movie they stayed at the Stanley Hotel, which is located in Estes Park. They actually filmed the movie somewhere in Oregon, but Stephen King wrote the book based on the hotel in Estes Park. Pretty cool, huh?
Anyways, we won’t be heading up to Estes Park until Sunday, and for the record we will not be staying at the Stanley. Praise Jesus. I have driven by it before and it’s major creep town U.S.A in my opinion.
And continuing with the fun theme…
I wore purple today since I don’t work tomorrow. I really hope we play well on Saturday. The ol’ ticker can’t handle these wait until the fourth quarter to score situations. Bill, I need consistency! Please?
Shirt: Express
Pants: Express
Belt: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Gianni Bianni
(P.S. B12 Presidents, the grass isn’t greener.  Quit f’ing around!)
Anyhow;  After I arrived home from work, I dashed over to Wolf Camera to have them take a look at the lens. Everything worked fine on the camera, but the auto focus wasn’t working. 
Well, a quick conversation with the salesman, and the lens was off to the workshop. I am very fortunate that I didn’t have to buy a completely new lens. The only bad part, I won’t get it back for at least 3 weeks!!! What the eff am I going to do? A blogger without a camera….I might die. 
The salesman did say there was a local camera store that I can rent a lens from so guess what I will be doing this weekend? Yep. Lens shopping.
Once I was done with the camera store, I headed to boot camp. Jennifer wanted to check in with each of us to check on our progress by doing a quick body measure. To be honest, I have not followed the diet plan very well. Since I’m training for the half marathon (which is next weekend btw!), I needed more carbs and protein to help with muscle recovery.
I wasn’t planning on loosing any weight. All I really wanted to do was get back to lifting weights because I quit when I started training for my marathon. 
After Jennifer measured me, I didn’t loose any weight. Eh, not a big deal. But I did loose body fat. I went from 26% body fat to 21% in little over two weeks! Booyah! 
And that folks is a wrap!
DO people even say that anymore? Geesh. Nerd alert.
See ya!