I think Denver may have missed the memo of, “April showers bring May flowers.”

This morning we awoke to more thunderstorms and rain showers. April definitely slacked off this year, and if I was a May flower, I would be throwing down right about now. But that’s just me.

Mr. B and I were both exhausted, and decided to sleep in this morning. Plus, the rain didn’t help the ol’ motivation factor. With the weather less than stellar, we headed to Duo for brunch. Duo is a great neighborhood restaurant in the Highlands that is cozy and quiet. The perfect spot to sip hand pressed coffee and enjoy local organic food.

We mixed things up this time and sat at the bar. I loved the view from the bar area because you could see the whole restaurant. Aren’t the framed windows hanging a great divider? One of my other favorite details of this restaurant, they mix and match their place settings. I feel like I am eating at a farmer’s table in the middle of Kansas, but I assume that’s that point? 

I ordered the Sweet Sunday for my entree: two poached eggs on grilled sourdough bread with spinach, mushrooms, sweet onion ragout in a whole grain mustard sauce, and crispy potatoes. It.was.off.the.charts. I really need to put on my big girl panties and learn how to poach an egg! Can you believe I’ve never made one? Sooo lame. 
After brunch, we headed back home. I had some chores to do and Mr. B was still dealing with his reentry belongings after being in Houston all week. And for some odd reason, we ended up watching Once Bitten. Remember that movie? It’s hard to believe that was Jim Carrey’s first major acting role. Cheesy as heck, but full of complete 80’s awesomeness. Synthesizer, check. Spandex, check. Dance montage, check, check! 
Once the movie was over we felt like going for a walk/jog in Wash Park. From our apartment window it looked like the rain had stopped, but as soon as we arrived at the park, it started dumping. 
The good thing about living in Colorado is that rain showers last for about twenty-minutes. We sat in the car and talked to Scott (Mr.B’s youngest brother) on the phone about our plans to visit Tulsa in a few weeks, while we waited for the rain to stop.  I seriously can’t wait to meet Miss Gabriella!
After our conversation ended, so did the rain! We jogged/walked 2.6 miles and then decided to stroll through the flower gardens. Well, it was slim pickings. Told you April was slacking! The only flowers out were lilacs and sweet potato vines.    
The sun was beaming as we hopped into the car, which put us in the mood to do a little grilling. We stopped by Whole Foods to pick up a few ingredients. 
The menu for this evening:

Snack: Mr. B’s homemade pico de gallo with blue corn tortilla chips 
Mr. B used to work at CoCo Bolos as a cook when he was in college. He would always recreate their pico de gallo at home and as a broke college student, it was the best thing next to beer! 

Appetizer/Side Dish: Caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese (*We also had a side salad, but I completely forgot to take a picture!) 
Entree: Ribs
We smothered the pork ribs in this “motherlode” barbecue sauce. Other than we cooked the ribs at little to fast on the grill, it was still finger licking good! 
Case in point.
Good night!