Last night’s playoffs were the longest, coldest, most trashed talked games we have experienced to date as a kickball team. I am exhausted.

Let me start from the beginning. Our first game was to be played at 6pm against Pitches Be Crazy. They were a no show resulting in a forfeit and allowing us to automatically advanced to the semi-finals. Sweet. We were all jazzed, and decided to hang out and play kickball derby to keep warm.

As the sun started to set on this poor excuse for a park in the hood (side note: we played at a different field since our original field doesn’t have lights), we were set to play the Swap Donkeys next. Remember them? Remember this guy?
He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack……

The game started out a little rough for both sides. We scored first, but that was followed by a lot of bloopers and a handful of butterfinger misses. I played right field and actually tried to catch a ball with my thighs because my fingers were going numb. Don’t ask, it didn’t work.

We led the entire game with the Swamp Donkey’s only a run behind us. But in usual fashion, they talked smack the whole game. When Bret was up to kick, he kicked the ball foul and it looked like he tried to bunt. By the way, bunts are illegal in kickball. Well, he wasn’t trying to bunt he just whiffed it. The pitcher on the Swamp Donkey’s got all fired up and yelled at the ref, “he tried to bunt!” The ref didn’t call it a bunt and so Bret kicked again, only this time he nailed it over 3rd baseman’s head. While Bret was running to first base he yelled to the pitcher, “look it’s a bunt!” The pitcher didn’t find it amusing and yelled to Bret, “are you making fun of me?” Bret replied, “maybe, just a little.” Ohhhhh, snap.
We continued to score and eventually won the game. Our balls were HOT. It was nice to beat them again and it made it especially sweet to beat them to go on to the championship game. Word up.
Next up, Snacks on Snacks for the championship. By this time it was 8pm and freezing. I was starving and really just wanted to go to Moe’s for a pork sandwich and an IPA beer. Poor Cook pulled his bicep in the previous game and agreed that we needed some form of bbq sandwich and beer, stat.


If you remember, Snacks on Snacks was the team that had recruited players from Gold’s Gym. I really wasn’t looking forward to playing them again.
The game actually went faster than I thought. We played good defense and they had some descent kicks. But it all game down to the bottom of the 7th. We were the home team and needed two runs to win the game. We had runners at 1st and 2nd with two outs, and I was the runner on 1st. Joy.Cook was next to kick, no pressure. As soon as he kicked the ball and it went streaming passed the second baseman, the lights went out on the field. OMG. Not being able to see, I ran to second and tried to dodge the ball because I could barely see the right fielder out of my peripheral grab the ball and gear up to throw it at me. Well, he nailed me on my hand that was covering my head one step before I touched second. Game over.

I hated to end the season on such a controversial play because you could debate either way on whether or not the ball actually hit my head, which if it did hit my head I would have been safe. Plus, with the lights going out we couldn’t even play anymore. And since the ref of the game was a complete idiot it was a lose, lose situation on trying to reschedule the game.

Oh well, there is always next season! Congrats to all the Stud Muffins players for doing such a great job!!