The summer heat that is.

If there was ever a time to declare summers arrival, now would be it.

Mr. B and I started our weekend with a Friday brunch at a local Cajun restaurant, Lucille’s. The last time we ate at Lucille’s was over two years ago when Listy was a few weeks pregnant. We were celebrating her 30th birthday and she had just informed Mr. B and I of her new little adventure the night before. Trying to keep it a secret, Max (her husband), order two regular Bloody Mary’s and one virgin. With the memo yet to be read A.C., he was confused when he went to pay for the drinks. He argued with the bartender stating that he had been mistaken and needed three regular Bloody Mary drinks, no virgin.

Well, that discussion lasted for about a minute and a half, and before Cook had a chance to raise his voice, Max politely informed his non-informed friend, “Hey, Listy is pregnant.” Cook looked confused, but replied, “Oh. That’s cool man.”

I love that story. Still cracks me up to this very day. We continued our reminiscing over sugary beingets, buttery drop biscuits, and poached eggs with red beans and rice that made me wish I was strolling through the French Quarter.

Saturday I was early to rise. I had a running date with Listy in Wash Park. Mission: 6 miles before the dreaded heat made his appearance for the day.

The park was busy, but in a cheerful, productive way. I’m starting to realize that running as the sun rises  gives me a better outlook on life. I feel positive and better equipped to handle the craziness of the day ahead. 6 miles, check.

After a much needed veinte coffee from Starbucks and a quick shower, I had another date on the books. Tina’s birthday was last week, and Listy thought it would be fun to celebrate this foodies birthday with a meal at Stella’s. 
Birthday bubbles were poured.
Seafood cocktail made up of calamari, mussels, and shrimp was passed around the table. 
But the homemade veggie lasagna, she was all mine.
With the heat and the sun out in full force, I took comfort to our leather couch at home for a quick siesta. Note to self: Spain is always an option for permanent living.  
Once the sun started to set behind a few buildings, we made our way to the Brews Grass Festival with the Lehman’s and Nick. Every year the Platte Park neighborhood gathers to enjoy local beers, food, and Blues music.
Really, they should call this festival, Summer in a Nutshell. 
We sipped beer, people watched, shared a plate of gumbo fries, and listened to the Blues performers. First summer festival, check. 
This morning Mr. B and I assumed our natural morning positions – making coffee, egg sandwiches, and reading of the news. Would it be wrong to say that I live for Sunday mornings? I love sipping hot coffee and slowly welcoming the day. I love eating homemade egg sandwiches drizzled in Spicy Stubb’s barbecue. I love the feeling of leisurely reading national information. Yeah, Sundays are where it’s at. 
The rest of our day was spent at Drew and Tina’s house playing in the water and barbecuing.  

Sumer heat tamed….check, check.