Good morning!

I am still alive. Whew. Last night was a big event, but oh so fun.  I co-hosted a baby shower for our good friends Drew and Tina…needless to say it was a smashing affair.

Food was scrumptious.

Deli sandwiches, crudites, humus and pita chips, pasta salad, and asparagus rolls, followed by cake with butter cream icing and cookies. Still drooling over that cake.

Since no baby shower is complete without at least one game, we all decided to play the game were you have to guess the size around the soon to-be mom’s tummy. For some reason I suck at this game. I am always wayyy off! My friend Megan won. Leave it to a 1st grade teacher to measure a belly correctly.
After the game and presents, Drew and Tina unveiled their nursery. They have been working tirelessly to finish so they could surprise everyone at the party. Let me tell you, they left no detail untouched.
Warning: This is not an ordinary nursery. If you are a Vogue editor reading this blog, you must hire Tina to design nursery’s because she is good.
I know. I am jealous too and I don’t even have a kid!
Anyways, Drew and Tina had a blast and that is all that matters. Job accomplished.
In other news…my to-do list is never ending today. The biggest task I have to complete today is running 15 miles. It’s going to get crazy up in here! I have never run past 13.1 miles so I am now heading into uncharted waters. In all honesty, this may decide whether or not The Big D marathon is going to happen.
Wish me luck!