I am typing this post as I sit in our Jeep trying to multi-task. This weekend is already off to a busy start. We are driving back to Denver after a quick overnight in the mountains. I have a zillion things to do today and that includes co-hosting a baby shower for our good friends Drew and Tina tonight. I am really looking forward to this party because they are having a girl! There is nothing better then decorating with tutus and pink icing.

But before that begins, let me rewind for a second and fill you in on the past 24 hours.

Mr. B and I were out the door by 6:30 yesterday morning. We were attending the 14th annual skip trip put on by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of National Gas Processors Association (Mr. B sits on the board). This is a great non-profit organization because all the proceeds from this event go towards engineering scholoarships.

In the past, the event has always been held at Winter Park but this year it was at Breckenridge. You know how I feel about Breck. Let’s just say we managed.

We skied with one of Mr. B’s co-workers, Mike, the whole day. Even though the sun was out it was still freezing because the wind was a’ blowin.
Since my Starbucks coffee and veggie egg sandwhich didn’t keep me full, we had to break for lunch. We stopped at Seven’s at Peak 7 for burgers and fries. Seriously, the best French fries I have ever had!
After we were done skiing we made our way to the happy hour.
Chicken wings washed down with a Jack and Ginger…now were talkin!
When the happy hour ended we said goodbye to Breck and moseyed over to our room in Avon to stay the night. As soon as I crawled into bed it was lights out. Those Jack and Gingers are naughty.
This morning Mr. B and I needed recovery food so we headed over to Vail and hit up the Westside Cafe. If you are ever in Vail, go. Best breakfast burritos, E-V-E-R.
Mr. B ate the breakfast burrito while I devoured my Denver omelet with avocado. It was perfect.
As soon as we hit Denver it is going to be a mad dash. We still have to unpack, shower, stop by the grocery store, and then re-pack Jeep with all the shower goodies.
There really aren’t enough hours in the day!