Last night was the finale to a week full of dinners, wine, family, friends, shopping, birthdays, etc. Our Denver village hosted a baby shower for our good friends, Max and Listy.

Not only was planning this shower with Tina, Katie and Megan completely easy and fun, I got to have my mother-in-law, Susie, help with the final touches.

We started setting up early in the afternoon at Drew and Tina’s house. There were a lot of tasks to complete in order to throw a shower for thirty people!

As guests arrived they helped themselves to cocktails and a table full of deli sandwiches, raspberry bean dip, humus, cheese and crackers, and many other delicious treats.
It was great to mingle and catch up with everyone!
Of course no baby shower is complete without playing a couple of games. The first game you had to guess the length around Listy’s belly with a string. Some people were WAY off. No surprise a pregnant women would nail the length…good job, Tina!
The second game was for the guys. Since it was a coed shower, we couldn’t just leave them hanging. We poured beer into baby bottles and whoever chugged the fastest won a gift card to Chipotle.
Ready, Set, Suck!
Mr. B did not win….congrats, to Nick!
After the games, Max and Listy opened their presents. They received some great stuff! I will toot my own horn for getting them baby converses. Love it!
There is always room for dessert! Check out the cake that Megan brought…seriously the cutest cake ever! Mulberries, here in Denver, did a wonderful job.
The shower was a complete success! We sent guests home with some pretty adorable party favors. I am starting to think that maybe I should do event planning….but that’s for another time.
Congrats to Max and Listy!