Whewwww baby. What a great birthday weekend, F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!  
You may be asking, why I would sputter such a statement so let me explain. My past three birthdays have been a disaster. No joke. One year I made a reservation at a French restaurant only to arrive and see a fore-closed sign in the window. Seriously, they couldn’t send me a memo? Another year, Mr. B tried to surprise me with a night in Vail. Needless to say the hotel that we stayed at was absolutely grotesque. It should have been bulldozed. Boarded up. I don’t even think a bum would have stayed the night. Note: Not all reviews on the Internet are accurate. 
Can you see why I am not a big fan of my birthday? 
Anyways, given my past birthday events I told Mr. B that I was not going to plan a single thing for my birthday. He replied, “No worries babe, I got you covered.”

Well, I am here to say that Mr. B came through! 

He surprised me with a dinner party with our friends in Avon on Friday night. He grilled steaks for everyone, and made sure that I was well supplied with Jack and Gingers.

Another great surprise of the evening were these rain boots from my friend Listy. I had serious jazz hands when I opened the box!  Quick side story, Listy and I saw these boots in Telluride when we traveled there about three years ago and fell in love with them. We didn’t end up buying them for some reason but Listy managed to find them in Denver. She is the best! 

Of course no birthday weekend is complete without skiing! I have been looking for new skies for the past year because the skies I have right now are more of a powder ski and I am looking for an an all mountain. Just go with me here. Well, little did I know that Listy and Mr. B. had arranged for me to demo some skies on Saturday. 
I was so excited!! 

Listy rocked out the Volkl Kikus and I the K2 MissBehaved. No joke, we had the best day on the mountain…EVER.

K2 MissBehaved
Volkl Kikus
To finish the weekend up we played beer pong, drank bloody mary’s and watched the Oscars. This weekend was absolutely perfect! 
I think I can say that I am actually looking forward to my birthday next year!