Vacation last week could haven’t come at a better time. Things have been bananas! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything is going to work out, but until then, this vacation was a much needed distraction.

I knew I wouldn’t be racking up the miles during this training week, but I took it as an opportunity to rest and relax. My mind needed to process other things besides apartment ads on Craigslist, and my feet needed a good week of solid rest.

Okay, on with the recap! 
Chicago Marathon Training: Week Eleven
Tuesday3 miles. Dude, it’s dark at 6am now! Don’t get me wrong, I love that fall is quickly approaching, but it’s a little freaky running in the dark. I may have to change up my running schedule a bit, or make Mr. B ride his bike beside me so the boogie man doesn’t get me.
Wednesday8 10 miles.  Nothing like running double digits before you leave for vacation! I knew this week would not be a high mileage week, so in order to keep myself from freaking out about not running the full 16 miles on Saturday, I made sure to haul BAWLS on this run. Yes, it was painful. But! In the end, I’m glad I pushed myself.
Thursday4 miles Cross Train (water skied).If water skiing was a legit option in Denver, I would totally do it all the time for my cross training. Hey, it’s a total body workout, right?

FridayCross Train (swam). Okay, back in the ol’ Wichita Swim Club days, I used to be a rockstar in the swimming pool. I went from Aqua Bears to the Swim Team in little over a month. In the back of my mind I thought I was still that epic ten year-old swimmer…folks, I’m not even close. Mr. B and I purchased goggles before we left town anticipating we would swim around the dock. Well, lets just say that Olympic swimming isn’t in my near future. I completely forgot how to breathe with my head in the water. Needless to say, I made it 25 yards and about died. I have serious work to do, people.

Saturday – 16 miles 3 miles. Not even close. Eh, what can you do? My plan the entire time was to not run down here because its super hilly and there’s hardly any trails to run on. But I did have a nice walk/jog up a few hills with my Mom and Mr. B. The weather down at the lake was darn near perfect for afternoon running. This never happens in the middle of August! Maybe this drought thing is coming to an end?
SundayRest. Traveled back to Denver.
Total miles: 3316
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