I spent week five of my training running in one of my favorite cities in Colorado, Steamboat Springs. The town is a quiet ranching community nestled in a valley, but don’t let that confuse you. Did you know that this town has produce more Olympians than any other city in America? Yep, yep. A majority of the athletes participate in winter sports like alpine skiing or Nordic Combined, but that doesn’t stop anyone in town from seeking adventure during the summer. In fact, things get a little crazy with aerial practice tricks on a lake, mountain biking, and sprints on roller-blades down Main Street. Oh, and did I mention the rodeo?

Anyways, it was nice to be in a town where adventure seeking is not shunned and running double digits in the morning, hiking in the afternoon, and cocktails at 5pm are normal.  A girl could get used to these things.
On with the recap! 
Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week Five
Monday: Rest. 
Tuesday: 3 miles. After running in Kansas City last week, I felt a little winded on this run. Darn altitude. You’d think after living here for almost five years I would be used to running with less oxygen in the air. Apparently not. Eh, what can you do? Besides feeling a little out of breath, my run wasn’t too shabby. I love this point of the training where three miles starts to not feel like a workout. I know that sounds crazy, but in my world, that means I’m getting into shape. Hooray! Also, check out this sunrise I captured while I was still in Denver! Pretty sweet. 
Wednesday: 5 miles – Nothing like an early morning 4th of July run in Steamboat Springs to get the ol’ American blood pumping. As Mr. B would say, “I’m an AmeriCAN.” I did a quick out and back along the Yampa river and enjoyed the scenic view. Even though I was little worried about breathing up here, the fresh mountain air was just the ticket I needed to kick off this vacay. 
Thursday: Rest. 
Friday: 10 miles –  I can’t even begin to describe how perfect this run was for me. The temperature finally dropped in Steamboat to about 80 degrees during the day and 60 degrees at night (a true blessing from the big JC). I woke up early and hit the pavement around 6:15am. The first five miles were perfect. My heart rate never went above 165 and my feet didn’t feel tender at all. Miles 6-8 were a little brutal because I was bored out of my mind. I missed my running partner, Listy! So, I put on the headphones and cranked out the last two miles. I’m praying Chicago has cool weather because every run should feel this good! 

Saturday: 3 miles – With my boredom still fresh from Friday’s run, I recruited my sister-in-law, Andrea, to run with me. She was such a trooper! I don’t know very many people who live at sea level and will run in high altitude, especially on vacation. We gabbed the whole time and just like that…three miles, check. 
Sunday: Cross Train. Alpine slide = core workout. Four wheeling = upper body workout. Cooking dinner for 14 people  = total body workout. 
Total miles: 21 
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