Howdy friends!

Mr. B and I are back in Denver after spending a fun filled week in Steamboat Springs with family. I can’t believe our vacation is over, and tomorrow, I’ll be heading back to work. Tear. But! Before I head back to the land of reality, I wanted to share a quick recap with y’all about our adventures in Steamboat.

Between fourteen people, we explored every nook and cranny of Steamboat. Highlights included – visiting high mountain lakes, hiking, biking, flying fishing, strolling through the farmer’s markets, riding the alpine slide, shopping, and cooking family dinners.

So, jump in the back of the Jeep, and let’s go for a ride!

– My favorite view of the entire trip. Hahn’s Lake was breathtaking! 
– New parents, Scott and Jessica with baby Gabby. This was her first trip up to the mountains! 
– Boopa (Chuck) tried to teach Ella Rose how to fish with her pink Dora the Explorer fishing pole (priceless would be an understatement). Picnics were a saving grace. Deli sandwiches and Lay’s potato chips kept this family full while out and about. 
– Side ponies were a must. Jeeps were the off-road vehicle of choice. Fly fishing was the sport of the week and rock jumping was highly encouraged. 
– Even though we weren’t in Aspen, “the beer still flowed like wine.”
– Farmer’s market experience, 11/10. I picked up homemade pasta, drooled at all the fresh vegetables, and purchased a large red hat. Next year’s Derby hat will be a show stopper. Just sayin’. 
– The alpine slide was recommend for all ages! 
– Rooftops were for leisure lunches. 
– Photo shoots on top of rocks quickly became the norm. 
– We hiked along lakes. Snacks were always included, and teaching someone other than your spouse how to fly fish will always have a higher success rate. Trust me. 
– I learned that feeding fourteen people homemade meatballs takes longer than you think. But, it’s worth the wait, especially when the meatballs are stuffed with cheese! 
– Gabe skipped threw rocks. Ella Rose loved picnic time. Team work was required in building a dam. We played in the water and soaked up rays of sun. Grayson applauded our dam building skills. 
– Fly fishin’. Or should I say Fly treein’ because a branch was the only thing I caught! Mr. B and Boopa went out in search of river monsters the last day in town, and let me tell ya, they found ’em!
We had an amazing week spending time with family! Until next time, Steamboat!