Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?


I feel like I’ve been running forever. The crazy thing, I still have eight more weeks to go! I’m hanging on by a thread here people. I was feeling really good until I started running double digits. Now I’m mentally bored and have a permanently sore butt. 

At this point, I’m seriously questioning whether I can make it. Can you hit the wall this early in training? I honestly feel like I have 4, 362 things I would rather be doing than running at 6am. Annnnnd….breathe. Thank the high heavens this was a taper week because I needed to cool my jets and focus. Hopefully things will get better! 

Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week Nine

Monday – Rest.

Tuesday – 3 miles. Quick and simple. It had stormed the night before leaving the morning air crisp and cool. I did fight a little soreness in my feet during my run. Can I just say that the foot log is a life savor? If I couldn’t roll out the scar tissue on the bottom of my feet, I wouldn’t be running right now. 

Wednesday – 3 miles in the morning. I’m starting to hate my Wednesday morning runs. I didn’t sleep very well last night because I had way too much on mind. Clearly kickball is not the only culprit to blame for these painfully slow runs. The only good thing, besides watching the sunrise again, was knowing that I would run with Listy after work. Other than that, I just ran through the motions. 4 miles with Listy in Wash Park. Praise the Lord for good friends. I think I word vomited for 40 minutes straight about all the craziness that’s going on. I’ll explain later. No, I’m not preggers. I was so thankful to have Listy  there to help me sort through a bunch of stuff. Four miles flew by, which is exactly what I needed!


Thursday – Rest. 

Friday – 2 miles. Mr. B and I had the day off, and decided to jog around the city! I think running with the hubs and having no set route made this outing so much fun. I really need to do this more often. 

Saturday – 10 miles. With Listy out of town this weekend, I was a little nervous about running without her. What can I say, she’s the best! I decided to run from our apartment to Wash Park and back. Mr. B needed to run 3 miles and met me at mile 3.5. Poor guy, we ran about a quarter mile and then his back started to spasm. Needless to say, he had to head home and I just kept on going. The entire run I felt really strong and in control. Phew. The only problem I had was with my stomach the last three miles when nature came calling! Don’t worry, I made it home just in time:) 

Sunday – Cross TrainRest. My calf’s were super sore and tight. I didn’t want to push it and decided that rest was much needed. 

Total miles23 22

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