Howdy friends!
How was your weekend? Or better yet, how was your weekend watching the Olympics? Please tell me Mr. B and I aren’t the only ones watching the Olympics like it’s our job? My favorite moment this weekend was watching Galen Rupp almost win gold in the 10,000 meter race. He was so freaking close!
Okay, besides just watching the Olympics, we did manage to get some things done.
Friday Mr. B and I both had the day off. We went for a quick jog around the city, made brunch at home, and then headed to the airport to pick up Jeff and Kelly. They were in town for wedding up in Estes Park and needed a ride to their rental car. Even though we only saw them for an hour, it was still great to catch up!
After we dropped off Jeff and Kelly, Mr. B and I stopped by the grocery store on our way home to pick up a few items for dinner. I didn’t want to do a ton of cooking and decided pork tacos sounded delicious. What’s better than taco night and watching the trampoline finals?
Saturday I was up and running by 6am. I was little worried about running 10 miles by myself, but I ended up having a great run! Thanks in large part to the weather and Mr. B.  He met me at mile 3.5 and ran with me for a bit before his back had a spasm. Poor guy!
After my run, Mr. B made us breakfast (such a trooper!) and then we quickly headed over to look at our potential new apartment. We received a phone call last week from our landlord stating that he was moving back to Denver and needed his apartment back. Do wha? It sucks, but what can you?
We spent the majority of our afternoon watching more of the Olympics and figuring out how to pull off a move with short notice.  At least we had a place locked up, right? I did manage to squeeze in some grilling during commercials. Recipe coming at ya next week!