Praise the Lord for taper weeks.

After running double digits while on vacation, it was nice to have a low mileage week for reentry. If every week could be this relaxing, I’d marathon train all the time! Okay, that’s probably a streeeeetch. I’m just glad to be home and back in my normal running routine.
On with the recap!
Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week Six
Monday: Cross Train – Does standing in the middle of river trying to catch a fish count as cross training? Oh, it does? Sa-weet!
Tuesday: Rest. 
Wednesday: 5 miles – Probably the worst run I’ve had in a while. My legs were tired and I felt exhausted. Plus, the reality of vacation ending and heading back to work didn’t leave much room for positive thinking. Sometimes a run just sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Thursday: Rest. 
Friday: 3 miles – Aaaaand, I’m back. I woke up Friday morning feeling refreshed and rearing to go. Even though it was pretty toasty outside at 6am, I had a great run. I think knowing that the weekend was here really put a pep in my step!
Saturday: Rest.
Sunday: 7 miles– Can I just say that I miss my running partner? Listy, where are youuuuuu? It’s been 3 weeks since I last ran with her and my mind can’t take another long run without her. Hopefully next week we will back on track. This seven mile run wasn’t too terrible thanks to a 5k race that was going on in Wash Park. Nothing like a bunch of complete strangers to keep your spirits lifted and mind occupied! Idid get a little mentally bored during the 5 mile mark so I quickly turned up the jams, picked up my pace, and finally crossed the “finish line.”


Total miles: 15
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