How was your day? Incredible? Average? Dreadful?

Mine wasn’t to shabby.

Although, I did wake up with a slight hangover this morning. Ooops. That’s what happens when you drink two glasses of red wine and think a third glass is a brilliant idea. Yeah…not so much. (Note to self: more is not always better).

Once I arrived at work, I definitely felt more alive. Praise Jesus. Getting the ol’ brain focused lifted my hangover fog.

Todays work outfit was inspired by my alma mater, Kansas State (in guess you didn’t know!). God I love purple. I still can’t believe our football team is 5-0! Yee-haw! I also can’t believe that the first Men’s Basketball game is Nov 6th. Jazz hands. By the way, have you checked out K-State Sports lately? They are showing pictures of the new basketball practice facility.

Purple Cardigan: Gap
Black Top: Banana Republic
Black Pants: Express
Belt: Ralph Lauren
Pearl Necklace: Gift
Shoes: Gianni Bini
Besides the excitement surrounding K-State right now, I do have some exciting local news to share with you. Arapahoe Basin opened today! That means the 2011-2012 ski season is officially underway. Yay! Who wants to ski on Saturday? You know you want to. 
Now that ski season is here, I just realized that I am way behind in getting ready for it.
I still need to:
– get new ski bindings
– get my skies waxed
– get a new ski rack for the Jeep
– swap summer clothes to winter in our closet
– shop for a new jacket, pants, goggles, and long underwear (Yes, Mr.B….I really do need all of these items)
Hmm…I wonder what I will be doing this weekend? REI, here I come!
After work I debated whether I should go for a run in Wash Park before boot camp. But once I stepped outside, I knew that I needed to make a pit stop. I figured these gorgeous, fall days won’t be around that much longer so I better enjoy it while I can.
I am glad I stopped. Best decision of the day fo’ sure.
When I arrived home, I didn’t have anything to do except kill some time before boot camp. So I decided to sit on our balcony and catch up on some reading. Can I secretly tell you how excited I am for holiday cooking? Oh, I am so excited. “Hi, I’m Lauren, and I like to feed people.”
My drive to boot camp was boring. Alleluia. Jennifer had us doing upper body tonight. I am struggling to type this post just to let you know. My arms are killing me. We did chest presses, a bazillion tricep moves and push-ups. Send help if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, I may die.
Once I got home, I kissed Mr. B, reheated leftover pizza, and poured myself a mocktail. Now I am off to watch the Big Bang Theory. 
Have a fantastic evening!