I made it.

For a second last night, I thought today would not take place in normal fashion. Luckily, someone upstairs was looking out for me.

Let me explain…

As I was driving to boot camp last night (which is about 5 miles from our apartment) everything seemed normal. Traffic was the same. My pre-workout music was the same. Even my workout clothes were the same. In my mind it was an ordinary Tuesday evening. No bigs. Well, as I turned onto 17th street (which is a one-way) a man stepped in front of my Jeep. I immediately slammed on my brakes, and was inches away from sending this guy flying through the air.

Thank goodness I didn’t hit him! Of course I freaked out and started yelling at the man through the window to get the %#@* out of the road. The next part freaked me out more than the possibility of actually killing him.

As I yelled from inside the Jeep, the man didn’t move an inch. He just stood in front my hood and continued to stare at me with what I would describe as soulless eyes. Freak t-o-w-n! Have you ever been stared at by someone that has no soul? It’s very unpleasant, let me tell you. His stare sent a shiver down my spine, and I didn’t know whether to be terrified or begin to cry.

I did the only logical thing at the time and that was to get the hell out of there. I zoomed past him, and as I looked back in my rear view mirror, he had vanished into the darkness.

After I had a couple of minutes to digest what had just happened, I came to the realization that he was either trying to hurt or kill himself. There was no other explanation. I hope that man, whomever he is, finds some kind of answer before he hurts himself or someone else.


Sorry for crazy story, but it really bothered me and I needed to share. Thanks for listening!

Let’s move on to something fun.

My sister-in-law, Kitty (her real name is Sarah), flew in from Kansas City today for work. Can I just say that I love my sister-in-law? She is so freaking talented and super cute. I wish John and her lived in Denver so we could play more often!

Anyways, Mr. B and I strolled to the Curtis to meet up with Kitty around 6:30 and then we were going to head to dinner. Love the Curtis. It’s my go-to hotel for guests. The rooms are reasonably priced and it’s located right in the middle of downtown. Winner, winner!

I decided on Osteria Marco for dinner because it was right down the street from the hotel. I love the atmosphere of this restaurant because it’s relaxing and inviting, while the Italian food is absolutely delicious.

We started with red wine and artichokes.

For our entrees, Kitty and I both had a pizza. Hello, cheese!
Mr. B had the calamari salad. The calamari was cooked perfectly. The breading wasn’t soggy and the dressing didn’t devour the salad. Highly recommend it if you ever go. 
We talked up a storm about our upcoming family reunion in San Diego over Christmas. So excited!

I am so glad we got to see and catch up with Kitty! I just love her. 
I hope you had a fantastic hump day!