It’s hard to believe that this is Mr. B and I’s third Christmas in Denver.

Baffling how time flies.

Since I had the day off  today, I decided to get a head start on decorating our loft with Christmas decorations. I luvvvvv Christmas. Our place is small, about 1000 sq. feet, so we keep the majority of our stuff in storage. I am always amazed by the amount of boxes I stuff organize in such a condensed space.

When we lived in Chicago, we had to get a petite tree to fit into our 500 square feet. So, we purchased one from Hobby Lobby and he has been with us ever since.
Isn’t Mr. Hob cute?
During setup, I snuck in a quick photo shoot of some familiar faces.
My mother-in-law, who is incredibly gracious, sends her daughter-in-law’s Byers Carolers every year as a tradition. Let me introduce you to the gang…
I was lucky. They all behaved themselves.
Next up, before and after shots. My fav.
Not to shabby.
When Mr. B got home from work we started to decorate the tree. We always watch a movie to set the Christmas mood. This year, we agreed on, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
Mr. B and I have our usual assignments. He is in charge of setting up the tree, while I organize the ornaments. Does everyone have a ranking on which ornament goes first and last, or is that just me?
After the lights are up and running, we start hanging the ornaments.
I look forward to many more tree decorating adventures at Wazee. We just may need to get a bigger tree.
Merry Christmas!