We made it! 

I can’t believe this weekend has finally arrived. After four months of training, I can honestly say I am ready to run my first marathon. Okay, maybe I am getting ahead of myself just a bit but in general I am excited.

This morning was busy. Mr. B had to work until noon so I took the morning to pack, clean the apartment and get a very necessary pedicure. My feet were starting to look like a Hobbit.

We made it to the airport and did our usual routine. Mr. B and I have traveled to a lot of places together, so for us the whole airport routine feels like breeze. Come to think of it I probably should do a post on how to be efficient in an airport. Someone right that down. 

Flight was simple.  The sun was setting as we were landing. Did I mention that is was 90 degrees when we hit the runway? I am trying to act excited that I will be running in blistering heat. Oh the joy. 

We rented a car for the weekend to make things simple. I mean Texas is huge and everything is on a highway.  The hotel we are staying at is one of the host hotels for the weekend. It’s a Summerfield (Hyatt), nothing to crazy.

After we checked in and grabbed a quick bite to eat, we headed to my good friend Jamie Burley’s house. I haven’t seen them in over a year so it was good to catch up! 

Not only did I get to see the Burley’s but I also got to see Katy, Meg and my favorite blogger friend Jamie!! Such pretty friends! 

We gabbed over strawberries, cheese and the best guacamole on the planet! Poor Mr. B and Brian had to sit sideline as we talked up a storm. I really miss these girls. 

But then the group rallied because Katy said she had a present to give us from our good friend Kaitlin back in KC.  She had a bag full of candy, a card and a message we had to decipher. 
The message read…”Friends you are so fetch (Mean Girls reference). Be awesome. Run fast cool kidz.” Except we could not figure out what RBVY stood for. So we texted her and later found out it stood for, Red Bull Vodka. Brilliant. 

Thanks for the present and well wishes Kaitlin! We are going to need it on Sunday!