Today the Grier family celebrated one of Bret’s brothers birthdays. Wow,try saying that 10 times fast. It was a party full of family, good food, cake and presents. But, I almost forgot about one special guest……

Believe me…it was absolutely delicious!
The Birthday Boy cutting the Roast Beast!
Jessica helping with the Caesar Salad
Susie making some delicious mashed potatoes
Jessica, Andrea, and Uncle Bruce help Ms. Ella eat some din-din
Granny and Bret
Grayson and Jeff give the Bday Boy his cake! YUM!
Boopa and Ms. Ella eating birthday cake and ice cream…
The whole Grier family…
Granny, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bruce
Scott practicing his lawyer point…You can’t handle the truth!
Jessica being silly…
Who is that hiding?…Grayson, is that you?

After a long night of partying, there is no better way to relax than to recline back, play angry birds on your Ipad, and watch Swamp Men on the History Channel:

Scott and Bret