Today the Wildcats took on the UCLA Bruins. Bret and I actually went to the game last year in watch the Cats play the Bruins and were not impressed. The fans were completely rude and ridiculous, and it really didn’t help the situation with us playing horribly. Losing at an away game is never fun. So, it was great this year to come back for the season opener and watch K-State beat UCLA!!

The weather was absolutely perfect. I can’t remember the last time, or really anytime, a Labor Day weekend football game had such great weather. Needless to say, tailgating was a blast! Full of delicious food, drinks, family and friends….it was absolutely a perfect day!

Pre-Stadium: Andrea and Evan’s Home

Ms. Ella Rose…so precious!
“What’chu talking about?”
Jessica, Grayson, and Gabe….Look Out!
MeMe and Ms. Ella Rose

Tailgating : Grier, Style

Bret, Grayson, Kelly and Susie…Yum..Foooood!
The Grier Family Lot
Jessica and Scott came up from Tulsa for the weekend
Susie and Chuck, gotta love the in-laws!
Gabe sitting on top of Bret’s shoulders…Hold on!
Ms. Ella Rose with her daddy, Evan…so cute!!
Mr. B and Me
Me, Kelly, Jessica, Ella, Grayson, Andrea…love my sister-in-laws!
Me and Kelly….G-PHI’S 4 Life!

Bill Snyder Family Stadium: Harley Day!

Wille on a Harley!
The Pride…..Kansas State Marching Band
Willie on the 50 yard line…nice chaps!
Ms. Ella cheering the cats on with Mom and Dad
Hi Grayson!

After Hours: Harry’s

Finally, Harry’s Prime Rib….I am so excited that my eyeballs are literally popping out of my head!