When I first moved to Colorado back in 2007, I didn’t know a single thing about Whole Foods. Shh…don’t tell anyone. I remember passing by one of the stores when I was out exploring the Mile High City and seeing parking lots jammed pack.”What kind of hippie store is that?”, I asked myself.

Soon my ignorance began to dwindle as my knowledge and love for food grew. I would watch Giada De Laurentiis cook on the Food Network with agave nectar, and wonder where the heck she bought such a crazy item.

After some successful googling, I found out that a majority of her ingredients came from Whole Foods. No sh*t? The light bulb instantly went on inside my head. I wasted no time and skipped immediately over to Whole Foods.

I remember my first shopping excursion at Whole Foods like it was yesterday. Up until that point I had only done my grocery shopping at Dillon’s, Safeway, and Albertsons. So you could imagine, as I walked through the sliding doors my jaw dropping to the floor and me performing a jazz hand celebration dance.

Every square inch of the store was clean. The produce glistened like a sea of diamonds. The bakery smelled of freshly baked cheese danishes and mocha coffee. The sausage links danced across the butchers table. A worker greeted me with a smile and asked if they could help me find something. Was I dreaming? Surely, this can’t be real?

But alas, it wasn’t a dream. And from that moment on, I was hooked.

Today, I thought I would share with you the top five reasons why I love Whole Foods.

1. Produce. As someone that loves to cook, Whole Foods produce trumps everybody. The vegetables are fresh and never wilting. There are a ton of exotic ingredients to choose from. And whenever I am feeling sad I walk into the produce section and my spirits are immediately lifted. If you listen closely you can sometimes hear the vegetables sing to you. Or maybe that’s just me.

2. Bulk-bins. The best idea on the planet. Instead of paying $12.99 for a container of almonds, the bulk-bins give you the freedom to decide how many almonds you want that day. It’s a great way to save money and not be wasteful.

3.Ready-to-go. I would die without Whole Foods pre-made guacamole, pizzas, salsas, and sandwiches. Whenever I am in a hurry but don’t want to sacrifice taste or nutrition, I stop in and grab a few of these items for lunch or dinner.

4. Bakery. Need I say more? Nothing smells better then fresh baked bread and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Nothing.

5. People. I love the employees at Whole Foods. In general, going to the grocery store makes my skin crawl but when you shop at Whole Foods the employees make the task more enjoyable. They are always smiling and asking you about your day. It is so refreshing to interact with non-troll workers.

Do you like Whole Foods? If so, what are your favorite parts?