Bret and I arrived in Kansas City around 10:40pm last night….which means we didn’t get to my parents house in Brookside until 11:30. Needless to say we were tired especially since Bret wasn’t even at home for more than 20 hours before he had to head to the airport again. He had been in Chicago all week at a work site….I wouldn’t want that job.

Since training for a half marathon is never convenient, we had to wake up on Saturday morning, on vacation to do six miles. Not my happy place. We set the alarm for 7am thinking we needed to get a run in before it heats up. Well, as usual a soft comfy bed and a cuddley husband sound much more appealing than putting on running shoes. We didn’t leave until 9, oops! It was balls blazing hot. The first 30 minutes, were doable, we kept a good pace, but then came the heat. We just couldn’t keep cool. The next 30 minutes felt like we were running in Vietnam. No breeze, tons of humidity, and trying to stay hydrated..forget it!

But we managed to finish. 7hrs later. JK. It wasn’t pretty, but nothing about running in the heat is sexy……except:

When your boobs sweat. Now that is HOT!!!

“Looking good Billy Ray…..

….feeling good, Lewis.”