Every year since I was a little girl my family has vacationed at Table Rock lake during the summer. It is one of the highlights of the year for me. Up until 2005, we always stayed at Hardman Hollow resorts in Shell Knob, MO, which is about 4 hours south of Kansas City along highway 39.Then my parents bought a house!

The house is probably 10 miles south of Shell Knob in Golden, MO along the Kings River. It sits along a beautiful channel surrounded by pretty much nothing, except a few houses and typical wildlife. It is the perfect place to forget about the world for a little while and relax.

Parental Units Lake House

View from the shore

Favorite part of the Lake, the water is so clear:)

The whole fam headed down on Saturday afternoon. Jordan, Bret, and I rode down in my mom’s car. Love road trips!

The Navigator. “Hey! Give me back my Ipad!”

Jordan driving….wait a minute, are you texting while driving?

Keeping his eye on the road…Good job Myles!

Of course, the first thing you do when you arrive at the house, is grab a beer and head to the dock for the first boat run of the week. Usually the best run, because you aren’t absolutely exhausted and worn out! Or sore from serious face plants, while trying to jump the wake with a wake board:(

My Mom, Me and Sarah (well, we call her Kitty) at the dock

Flossie-Belle is the name of the boat, which is my nickname given to me by my Grandpa Chuck…
These ski’s are crazy awesome! I actually learned how to ski on them when I was 7.My brother John refinished them, since they are wood, and I can’t tell you how excited I was to try them out….again!
Me skiing on the Dick Popes!
Boat Monitor!
Kitty and John
Kitty, Jordan and my Mom
Cute hubby!
My Dad skiing
Captain Juan
Me and Kitty
Dad and Mom playing in the water
My Mom skiing…Hit that wake!
Ahhh….it feels like bath water.