We are heading up to Breck tonight for another fun filled weekend in the mountains. Our good friends, Katie and Kevin York have offered Katie’s parent’s mountain pad for the whole weekend. I smell trouble:) JK. Our little village may play hard, but we aren’t Neanderthals. Bret and I left Denver around 7:30pm, work was just crazy today.

We didn’t get into to Breck until almost 9:00 but the car ride was great to spend some time with the hubby. Of course, when we arrived it was 45 degrees outside!!! Brrrrrrrr. I guess I missed the memo, on bringing extra layers. Bret instantly reminded me, “Yeah, we’re in the Rockies.”

I ran into the house as soon as we pulled into the drive. I was freezing!! We walked into the house and to no surprise, a beer pong tournament had already begun. I really think I will be 60 years old and still playing this game.

Katie and AC vs……
Kevin and Max

The night was full of fun games….

Nick and Katie playing Connect Four
AC trying to remember songs from 1994…

…….and how fast can you chew watermelon that has been soaked with 12 different kinds of alcohol?

That didn’t taste right!

Even though the majority of us had to get up at 6:30 the next morning for the Warrior Dash, it didn’t stop us from having fun!

Me and Mrs. York
Katie, Listy, Me, AC, and Rachel
Mr. B and Me