I am sitting in the Phoenix airport right now waiting on my flight back to Denver to board and nursing a hangover with goldfish and water. All I can say is that, it is going to be detox city for the next 3 days.

I am absolutely exhausted. I knew when we left Telluride on Sunday at 6 am to catch a flight back in Denver for Phoenix that we were going to be burning our candles at both ends.

We arrived in Phoenix on Sunday night and hit the ground running as usual. We are in Phoenix for the G.M.R.C. (Gas Machinery Research Council) conference. Every year all the oil and gas chums get together to wine and dine each other as well as talk shop. I went this year to support Mr. B since he was giving a technical speech in front of 500 people. I wonder if he pictured people in their underwear because I would have been really nervous to talk to that large of a crowd. As always, he did great!

Even though Bret had to be in meetings all day on Monday, I did find some time to workout, layout by the pool and catch up on some recipe reading before all the receptions started.

Anyways, I am looking forward to getting back to Denver for a “normal week.”

Side Note: Tonight, we play PBR Me ASAP for our final league game. I am really bummed we won’t be there, but I know that the other Muffins can kick some serious balls! Can’t believe playoffs are next week!