It is another beautiful day in Telluride. This morning I took in some much needed R&R. No worries…don’t have to answer to anyone…dont’ have to be anywhere. I can finally breathe.

Today we are headed to town for a little Main Street action, or really to see if we could spot Tom Cruise or Suri.

We stopped at this amazing restaurant called the Sweet Life. Please forgive me but instead of having ice cream, Mr. B and I had curly fries and fried mac and cheese. I love salt above sugar so for me it was de-lish!

Next we headed to the mountain village for a gondola ride, scenery intake and a few drinks. Seriously, why can’t every day be like this?
We ended our evening and trip at the Sheridan Hotel Bar on Main Street. It has been there since the 1800’s. We played pool and drank $5 Jack Daniels. Needless to say it was an interesting night!
Can’t wait to go back!