Holy Batman, it’s Saturday!

And you know what that means….it’s a WILDCAT Saturday!


Mr. B and I slept in this morning, and it was glorious. I wish I could sleep in everyday because nothing feels better than being snug in your bed. Am I right? Right.

Since I needed to pick up my camera lens at Wolf Camera (it’s finally fixed!), we decided to grab breakfast at Cook’s Fresh Marketwhich was right across the street. When I used to work downtown, I would hit up their salad bar for lunch. It was reasonably priced and had a descent variety of fixings.

Cook’s Market is the only true “market” in downtown Denver. I don’t know why they haven’t put in an actual grocery store downtown. Whole Foods if you are reading this, please put a store downtown! Please!

Anyways, Mr. B and I ordered coffee and breakfast burritos. Everything was delicious and freshly made. Plus, since our meal took a bit longer than expected they gave us a free cookie! Score!

We sat at the bar and watched all the crazies roam the 16th Street Mall. Since I drive to work now, I kind of miss staring at all the ridiculous people.

After breakfast we headed back to the apartment because I had a some errands to run.

– Lamp Store

Can I just tell you that being at these stores on a Saturday makes me want to pull my hair out? Geesh. People are just mean and nasty. Look, I know we can’t get everything done during the week, but really, do we need to be that fired up about laundry detergent?

I was a little grumpy when I arrived back home so Mr. B decided to put me to work. We were making chili for our watch party tonight. As a little kid, I never would have imagined that cooking would calm me down. Funny how things change.

Mr. B and I had a blast cooking in the kitchen together. We used to cook all the time in college, but he was the chef and I just ate. Now I teach him new tricks. Love it.

Once we were done with the chili, we headed over to the York’s to watch the game. The Cats were taking on the Texas Tech Red Raiders in Lubbock. I was a little nervous about this game because we have only beat Tech twice on their turf.

Good thing we had cute babies to keep us distracted in case we didn’t play well! 
Isn’t Chance cute? He is crawling and standing, and I am pretty sure he will be walking soon. 
I am glad we decided to watch the game at the York’s instead at the official watch party bar. It was nice to be able to hang out, eat a home cooked meal and play corn hole. 

For dinner, we had a smorgasbord of items to choose from:
– chili 
– brats 
– white bean dip 
– cornbread 
– cupcakes
– proseco, cosmo’s, beer, and more beer 

The game ended up being a little to close for comfort. Thank goodness we won! Can you believe that we are 6-0?! CRAZY!
Congrats to our Kitties!
Alright, I am off to bed.  The boys are mountain biking in the morning, while the girls hike. 

See ya!