Rise and shine!

This morning came sooner than I anticipated (Um, that’s what she said?)

Don’t you hate when that happens?

Last nights watch party left me with a wee bit of a hangover. Katie, those cosmos were killer! Needless to say when the alarm went off this morning, I wasn’t exactly a 100%.

Even though I wasn’t feeling spectacular, I knew once we started hiking I would feel much better. As I mentioned last night, the plan was to meet at Three Sisters Trail head so the guys could mountain bike, while the girls hiked.

Well, the giggle juice got the best of Katie, Kevin, and Jerad so it was just The Lehmans and us for our little Sunday morning adventure.

It was freaking freezing when we arrived at the trail head around 9am. Thirty-six degrees to be exact. Good thing I brought layers because I would have froze my tookus off. 
Mr. B hadn’t been mountain biking in a while so I was super pumped for him. His travel schedule was a nightmare during the summer, which really put a damper on his riding opportunities. But as they say, better late then never!

The boys headed to trail, while Listy and I finished putting ourselves together. Plus, we had to put the cub in the hiking pack. 
Cutest baby EVER!
The Three Sisters Trail is in Evergreen, which is about thirty minutes west of Denver. I have never hiked this trail so I was eager to see what was in store for us. 
There were lots of rocks. HUGE trees, and gorgeous views. I just love Colorado.
Listy and I hiked for about thirty minutes before Max called and said they were done with their loop. Super fast! I honestly don’t know how people mountain bike. It seriously scares the $%@* out of me. 
Anyways, the boys caught back up with us on the trail and so we decided to head to ‘brothers’ lookout for a little photo action. 
Mr. B looks so small on top of that rock. 
Three Sisters Trail, check! 

What is it with me and photos of myself? Keep scrolling. 

I love this photo of Mr. B. 

After our hike we headed to Red Rocks Grill for some grub.
Their decor is hysterical. Apparently I am a cougar and didn’t even know it!
Listy and I both ordered the Cheesehead skillet. It was super cheesy! 
We didn’t do anything once we got home from the hike. Mr. B and I were both exhausted so we just chilled.  
I did manage to muster up some strength to make a trip to the grocery store so we could have dinner at home. 
On the menu: 
Turkey burgers with lemon aioli, arugula, red onion, and pepper jack cheese on top of ciabatta roll. 

The best part of this burger was the heirloom tomato. I literally grabbed the last red one from the pile. It was still juicy and paired perfectly with the aioli. 
Now I am off to watch Dexter and Boardwalk Empire. 
I love fall T.V.
Hope you had a fantastic weekend!