Life is unpredictable.


Full of turns and curves. Sideways and byways. Highs and lows.

One minute you’re walking by a roaring fire in the heart of a ski village watching the snow sprinkle down from the sky in great anticipation for a weekend of skiing champagne powder.

The next you’re driving across western Kansas in the pitch black night hoping to make it to your final destination before it’s too late.

Life is unpredictable.

These past two days Mr. B and I have been filled with every human emotion – disappointment, sadness, regret, tears, happiness, and relief. The Grier family lost a beacon of light on Sunday morning. Mr. B’s grandmother, Granny to us, passed away. She was 93 years old.

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe this woman, daughter, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother that would even begin to explain her extraordinary character. She was a cook, a go-getter, an enthusiast, a traveler, and most of all a care taker. She provided encouragement, home cooked meals, life lessons, and support to her loved ones all without asking anything in return. She was not one to gab on and on about herself, but found comfort and joy in listening about other’s trials and success.

She was dependable.

She was a constant light.

She was predictable.

As Mr.B and I drove across the darkened plains on Saturday night, we hoped and prayed that we would make it to the hospital before her spirit left this Earth. There was so much we wanted to tell her that we were thankful for from helping to raise Mr. B and his brothers to hand written recipes to a simple birthstone necklace that she gave me because February birthday girls needed to stick together.

We did make it.

We were able to say thank you.

We were able to say goodbye.

Even though we have lost someone near and dear to our hearts, her memory will live on through our stories and laughter. She will not be forgotten. She will be remembered and cherished, and will remain a constant light in our lives as we embark on each day.

We love you Granny. Always and forever.