After a little deliberation, I decided to split up the training recaps. Maybe it’s just me, but I think everyone who has tried to train in the summer finds out that trying to cram in short and mid distance runs between work, travel, friends, errands and the summer heat can be even more challenging than a grueling long run on a Sunday morning. Hope you enjoy the change.

Me: Body Pump. Do you remember the SNL skit about the Bad Idea Jeans? If not, Google it right now. This is how I felt when I headed to body pump on Monday. Cocky and stupid. I figured it would be one of those classes that sissy women take to “try” and lift weights. Well let me tell you, this class is not for the weak. First of all, everyone in the class was ripped including my instructor. She looked like a body builder. I gasped when I saw her. I honestly thought I could hang, but clearly I was out of my league. I think I may have died twice during the class.
Mr. B: Rest. Travel to New Mexico.

Me: 3 miles. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I ran along my usual route by our house but my legs felt like cement the entire run and were seriously pissed afterwards.  I couldn’t even sit down! How I managed to squeeze in 3 miles is beyond me. I tried to foam roll when I got home but the pain was excruciating.
Mr. B: 3 miles. A pre-dawn jog through downtown Midland is the only way to start a road trip (well, maybe not). Here is a tip for all you readers that have to travel for work while training: Run in the morning. Your chances of actually completing your run are much higher if you have to get it out of the way before work than trying to squeeze it in after a long day. Your mind isn’t awake enough to talk you out of running.

Me: Rest. My body was pissed!
Mr. B: 4 miles. This was my the first morning run in the town of Hobbs, NM. The traffic on the main highway out of town (the Lovington Highway) flows 24hrs a day and the only place to run is across the highway from the hotel. Even at 5am it was like a real life game of Frogger. Aside from there being limited places to run and zero scenery except for the local dog track/casino, it was a good run. The temperature really shot up once the sun peaked over the horizon. So glad I brought water.

Me: 4.5 miles. Feeling better. I ran this morning by myself which was interesting. Apparently, I missed the memo that bum dodging would be included on my run. Geesh. They were everywhere! I tried the foam roller again when I got home. Much better today.
Mr. B: Rest. I was actually a little bummed about taking a morning off. I’ve started to enjoy my morning runs and didn’t want to miss one, but my legs needed a day off and I needed to re-hydrate.

Me: Rest.
Mr. B: 3 miles. Back to the morning run! The high is supposed to be 108 with strong winds, so I’m hoping that a good morning run will help the day go by quickly.

Me: 7.5 miles
Mr. B: 10 miles

Me: I need to lift weights at least once a week. I used to lift twice a week but when I started training for The Big D I stopped. Why? No idea. I do like the idea of doing more cross training even though body pump was terrible. It gave me variety in my workouts which was fantastic.
Mr. B: Start time is 7am in the field and the hotel is 45 minutes away from work, which means getting in a morning run, shower and breakfast can be a little stressful, but switching to mornings sets the mood for the rest of the day (thank you endorphins). The down side: I’m hungry all the time!