This morning was a volunteer day for work. Each quarter our company gets together, all three of us, and  volunteers to help the community. This time we decided to help clean up the South Platte River.

My boss Mark, Brian, and Me
The Platte River runs through downtown and is a major drainage system for the city of Denver. So, it needs a lot of cleaning constantly. Denver Parks and Recreation actually cleans this section of the river 11 times a year…and they still can’t keep the river clear of all the waste!
 Fun Fact: Brian, is also a K-State grad,thus the purple for a Wildcat Saturday…
In just an hour, we filled up 7 large trash bags with bottles, cans, clothing, wrappers, and a very special find by yours truly…a compact disc player. Remember those?
All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning. I have a much greater respect for the Denver Parks and Recreation, and mother nature.
P.S. I am pretty sure this is what happens to your lost luggage when you fly with United…