How was your Saturday?
Are you enjoying leftovers?
I don’t know about you, but I definitely have eaten my body weight in food for the past two days. That’s why I was on a mission this morning to go for a walk/jog around the neighborhood. I knew if I didn’t at least get in thirty minutes of exercise, I would be grumpy the entire day.

{Lets back up to Friday:  The Grier boys have a “new” tradition of going hunting at Flint Oak the Friday after Thanksgiving.  They were up and at ’em bright and early Friday, and none of them were moving Saturday, so it was just me and my new running partner Gracie.  Even though they missed out on the Black Friday festivities, they had a great time.}

Now back to the story…

The weather was not ideal – cold and windy. Thank goodness Gracie decided to tag along. We ended up covering almost three miles, and she was a Rockstar the entire time. I wish she could run a marathon because she would be the best running partner.
Once I was done with my jog, I made a quick breakfast comprising of fruit and left over egg casserole. Plus, a cup coffee to warm we back up.
After breakfast, Susie, Jessica, and I headed to the mall. We figured we needed to be there early to beat the crowds, but we wrong. There weren’t any crowds. No lines. No parking space fights. Nothing. It was seriously errie. I knew it was “shop local Saturday, “ but I don’t think that was the reason the mall was empty.
Since the mall wasn’t chaotic, we took full advantage off the calmness. We scooped up some fun jewelry in Dillards. We definitely took full advantage of the 50% off sale at BCBG, and meandred through the shoe section.  It was quite possibly the most pleasant shopping experience I have had in a long time.

Once we left the mall, we headed back to the house to pick up the men. We were meeting Jeff, Kelly, Gabe and Grayson at the movie theater to watch The Muppets.
I haven’t seen a Muppet movie in FOREVER. In fact, it took me a minute to remember all the characters – my favorites, Beaker, Animal and the Swedish Chef.
Besides not seeing a Muppet movie in a long time, I haven’t been to an actual movie theater in probably five years (by the way, nothing has changed). Mr. B and I decided that Mike and Ikes and popcorn were definitely a must.

I was afraid the movie was going to be super lame and sad attempt at brining the Muppets back, but it was actually well done. Jason Seguel and Amy Adams were great and the plot was spot on. I highly recommend the movie.
After the movie, we went over to Jeff and Kelly’s house for pizza.
Love Pizza Hut pizza. As a kid we would always order Pizza Hut on Saturday night and watch movies.
It was fun to hang out with the Gabe and Grayson in their own element. They showed me their favorite toys, we shot hoops and watched more episodes of the Muppets. Both of them are growing up so fast!

And that concludes another fun day with the Griswolds!
Tomorrow we head home.
Thankful Challenge:
Day 25:  Today I am thankful for Granny (Mr. B’s grandma) because no matter how old you get always keep your sense of humor.
Day 26:  Today I am thankful for Jim Hensen because without his creativity the Swedish Chef wouldn’t have been around to make us laugh hysterically.