Hi friends!

How was your holiday week?
I hope you ate delicious turkey, spent some quality time with the people you love and made it back home safely.
Mr. B and I hit the road around 10:30 this morning because we decided to take some of the back roads home. The thought of spending another full day on I-70 sounded like an absolute drag.
Since Mr. B drove the whole way on Wednesday, I decided to drive the first leg today.  With me behind the steering wheel, Mr. B navigated us through the small towns.
Here was our route:
– Hutchinson, KS
– Otis, KS
– La Crosse, KS
– Ransom, KS
– Gove, KS

The detour took us about four hours, but was worth the drive because there was zero traffic. Plus, driving through all of these small towns makes you appreciate the “BIG city ,” and Chipotle.
After Gove, we got back onto I-70 because we had to stop in Colby to get gas and switch drivers as well as grab some sandwiches from our cooler. I’m telling ya, best idea EVER!
Turkey sandwiches with mayo, lettuce and tomato.
We made it back to Denver around 6:30pm. Total trip time: 7 hours 30minutes. This was only 15 minutes longer than our drive on Wednesday. Not too shabby!

After we unloaded the car, I headed to grocery store to pick up some lunch items and dinner.
Dinner was chicken tortilla soup from Whole Foods. Simple and delicious.

Now were are settled in and getting ready to watch Boardwalk Empire.
Have a great night!
Thankful Challenge: Day 27
Today I am thankful for our Jeep because it made an eight hour car ride feel like a breeze!