Mr. B and I didn’t end up having pizza for dinner, and we didn’t eat in bed. But, we did leave our cozy room for the second time of the day to meet up with our friend Peter at Paddy’s. Nothing like a guacamole bacon burger with sweet potato fries to finish the night out. Yummo.

Afterwards we hit the sack. Who knew a day of laziness could make you so tried?

This morning we woke up with anticipation of skiing fresh powder. Sadly that did not happen. The weatherman was calling for snowfall anywhere between 6 inches to a foot overnight. “The price is wrong Mr. Weatherman.”

Oh well. We headed to Beaver Creek anyways.

When we arrived at Beaver village the lifts had just opened. High winds kept the top half of the mountain closed for the day but not to worry. Mr. B and I found some fun moguls and rollers on the lower half to keep us entertained.
The day turned out to be a blasty-blast! The mountain wasn’t too crowded and with a little fresh dusting from the night before the snow wasn’t terrible.
We called it quits around 2pm because we were tired. Plus, we wanted to get a head start to try and beat traffic back to Denver on I-70.  Pshh. As soon as we were on the highway the sky let out a huge ol’ dump and traffic was already a mess! Go figure.
Poor Mr. B. He was a life savor and decided to drive back while I ate my delicious cheesesteak sandwich. Can you tell who runs the show in this couple?
Anyways, we managed to get home safely. It normally takes an hour and a half to get home from Vail but today it took us 6 HOURS!!!!! Weekend skiing isn’t always sunshine and lollipops people.
I am thankful that this is only a four-day week because I need to get back to a normal routine and detox.
Have a Happy Tuesday!