I finally had a goodnight sleep last night. From all this traveling to skiing I am just exhausted. We didn’t get to Avon until early evening last night so Mr. B and I ordered pizza and had dinner in bed. It was glorious!

Today, we have been moving slower than molasses. Which to tell you the truth is absolutely fantastic. Don’t need to be anywhere, don’t have to do anything, just pure R & R.

This is what our day has been comprised of….

Blogging, catching up on news, eating, and watching football. Aren’t we cute Apple groupies?

We did manage to muster up some strength and head to Bob’s Place for brunch. Mr. B had an egg sandwich and I had a Mexican omelet, que bueno! There was a whole avocado on my omelet….a little excessive, but oh so gooood!
After brunch we headed to the local Walmart to load up on some goodies for our room. Ya know, toilet paper, body wash, wine opener, etc. But after that we came straight back and continued our awesome day of laziness.
We may get a wild hair and go to Vail Village but I foresee another pizza in bed.