Mr. B and I are back from a quick weekend in Tulsa. Phew. The last time we visited this Southern city was about two tears ago when Scott graduated from law school. Needless to say we were overdue for a visit.
When we arrived in Tulsa on Friday evening, Scott picked us up from the airport and we immediately headed over to their house to meet the star of the weekend, baby Gabriella.
I think it’s safe to say Mr. B and I were both smitten when we saw her. Beautiful soft skin, long tiny fingers, and a pair of cheeks that made us go, “Ahhhhhh.” After our meet and greet, we headed over to a family friends house, the Lipes, for dinner. A grilled hamburger and glass of bubbly always tastes better when surrounded by the people you love.
Saturday the boys were quick to rise and headed out to-do man things for the day- clay shooting. Jessica and I decided to do the opposite and relax around the house. I have to tell you, they have an amazing garden full of fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, and cucumbers that made this foodie a little jealous. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture because I was to busy wiping the drool from my chin!
Jessica and I spent the afternoon giggling, making a fresh garden salad, and playing with Gabriella (read: playing dress up). You can never have to many bows!
Once the men returned, we grabbed our swimsuits and headed back over to the Lipes for a little pool action, barbecuing, and birthday celebration. I love lounging at the Lipes. They have a beautiful backyard with lots of fun things to do like put-put.
Evan was kind of enough to grill up some delicious pork tenderloins. I will let you know that this picture was taking by him because yours truly here completely wussed out. I know, I know. Clearly smoke and I are not meant to be friends.
After dinner we celebrated Chuck and Ella Rose birthdays’ with a four tier German Chocolate cake that Andrea threw together in her sleep.  Okay, maybe not in her sleep, but the woman can bake!
Happy Birthday to you!
Today we didn’t move a single inch. Jessica, Gabriella, Mr. B and I hung out in our PJ’s and made a BIG Sunday brunch fit for a king! Pancakes with maple syrup, crisp bacon, fresh fruit, fluffy scrambled eggs with a side of toast and lots of coffee.
Mr. B and I seriously debated missing our flight and permanently moving in after this weekend. Scott and Jessica were fantastic hosts , and Gabriella, well she is nothing short of amazing.
Until next time, Tulsa.

P.S. Happy Birthday Kelly! We missed you and the boys this weekend!